• Water Supply Network

    Water Supply Network

    Water supply for industrial demands, with flexible contract durations to meet short or long term needs but will not exceed as per the government norms.

    Water supply will be done by dedicated resources through underground pipelines, and well designed an overhead tank.

  • Business & Admin Block

    Business & Admin Block

    Administrative Block Is not just about providing space for businesses, it’s about creating that business community where people can enjoy where they work and who they work with & also give a positive impact on their clients with the world class facilities -conference rooms , board meeting rooms.

    Administrative block will also hold security control rooms and resting area , Medical facilities and other supportive offices of the park.

  • CCTV Surveillance


    We have installed cctv cameras for productivity which is optional and throughout the park and parking areas. Monitored around-the-clock even during low light with low light technyour staff and clients never have to walk far from their car park to your workplace.Convenient one-hour zones are also available for visitors directly in front of all office buildings in the Park.

  • Footpath


    Safety always comes first, so the path must be clearly delineated .Most footpaths within the road reserve lie between the edge of the roadway and the frontage of adjacent to all industrial plots . Footpath are well designed throughout the park,well illuminated with solar powered street lights.

  • Sewage and Sanitary


    The design of sewage with high capacity wastewater transfer pipelines . Further, we have planned wastewater and sewage networks to meet virtually all technical requirements and we have on hand specialist know-how for industrial wastewater treatment.

    Wastewater recycling is important and we at akshaya is zero discharge food park in karnataka

  • Fire Fighting Safety

    Fire Safety

    The safety of people has utmost priority when it comes to fire protection in Akshaya food park .We have also focused on the protection of material assets,machinery systems but also in particular to the prevention of long downtimes.

    Equipments fitted portable fire extinguishers, exit and emergency lighting,fire sprinkler systems and so much more.

  • Truck Terminals

    Common Green spaces with rest areas

    Truck movements are an important factor in assuring functionality and minimizing movements inside the industrial area.Truck parking most efficient node of parking of idle vehicles, social amenities should are grouped with rest houses, communication facilities, canteens , accommodation, weigh-bridges,The truck terminals are developed in centralized zone for the transport operators to operate from

  • QC Laboratory

    QC Laboratory

    Well equipped food testing & quality control laboratory for the use of all upcoming 60 Food Industries, for ensuring safe, quality & hygiene food products for customers.

  • Storm Drainage

    Storm Drainage

    We have adopted new well designed to better manage and treat stormwater as well as meet more stringent norms from the karnataka government .StormWater drains are capable of handling heavy rainfalls.

    All the rainwater is stored and and reused for the industrial purpose.

  • Power Supply

    Power Supply

    As an industrial area, electricity is a vital component that must be provided to support industrial activities in addition to telecommunications and IT. 24-hour electricity.

    Efforts to ological cameras , This solution is a most reliable, fully compatible and secured.

  • Centralized & security systems

    Centralized security systems

    The trucking and distribution industry face some of the hardest security challenges. As distribution centres and industrial parks grow and the number of incoming and outgoing trucks increases, so do the opportunities for theft, fraud. We have security patrolling throughout the park on 24/7 and supported with latest technology.

  • Local Farmers assistance

    Local Farmers assistance

    we understand that the road to success as a entrepreneurs can be a long and arduous one.We believe that if our business is to be strong and resilient, we need to support beginning farmers , to help them over the with technology for the first few years and to sustain , So that we both can build a successful business models..